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Neil's Beekeeping

6 Jul 2011

Neil keeps bees. Before we moved here in 2010 Neil had decided to keep bees and went to college to learn the theory and practice. We started with two colonies of local bees in April 2010. In our first year (2010) we extracted 75lbs of honey and both colonies of bees were healthy and survived the harsh winter of 2010/11. In 2011Neil purchased another colony of bees and an additional hive and had a good season collecting 97lbs of honey which we made available for sale to visitors. 

In the wet weather of 2013 the bees died, but in Summer 2014 Neil was called out to get a swarm and he housed them in a hive in the woods.  They seem to be going strong and have survived so far.  He was asked to collect a hive from a family where the owner of the hive had been taken ill and was no longer able to look after them.  This hive was full of honey, so last year we were able to extract the honey and we served it at breakfast time once again.

As of March 2018 the bees are flying on sunny days so have survived the Winter.  We shall have to see how much honey we get again this year.

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