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Green Credentials

21 May 2018

We aim to be as “green” as possible. We are members of the Permaculture Association and aim to abide by their principles and ethics as much as possible.

 We recycle all the items that our local doorstep recycling takes, and we harvest rainwater for watering our potted plants and vegetables. All our kitchen and garden waste is composted in our 5 metre long composter and the resulting material used to improve our vegetable and flower gardens.

We grow as much of our own fruit and vegetables as we can, harvesting and preserving for the winter months ahead as well as enjoying them fresh from the garden.

Our chickens are free range and roam safely in our back garden behind an electric poultry net. We line dry our bedding and towels when the weather allows and use environmentally friendly cleaning products. We are also conscious of food miles and try to buy all foodstuffs that we don’t grow ourselves, locally. Due to our rural location we aim to combine car journeys and plan all our shopping visits to lessen our environmental impact.  In October 2011 we added a 3 KW solar PV installation which now generates us electricity on a sunny day. 

We have gradually added more fruit trees and 4 new raised vegetable beds. After our fruit cage collapsed in the snow of early 2013 we have decided to move the fruit bushes into raised beds and make smaller cages around them. .

When in season we supply fruit from our garden for breakfast, and Kathy makes jam from our fruit also to serve with breakfast. 

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